Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The Cult in Your Backyard

This was a conference held in East. Grinstead in October of this year, I was meant to attend, but due to the date being changed having already booked the original time off, I was unable to attend.

I decided not to put this on my blog as I thought it was rubbish for the most part, I still do.

Both, Pete Griffiths and John Mcghee afterwards when they visited me said, I would not believe the sort of day they had, had. I do! And, I really do wish I could have been there.

However...I wasn't and many things have niggled me ever since, in fact many things have niggled me since Dublin, but there you go.

I predicted earlier on this year with a meeting with Bonnie Woods that Stephen Jones spends far too much time with freezoners and Indies and I was concerned by this, I still am.I feel he could be drawn back in by these hard core scientologists which they are.

I came across a post on ESMB a few days ago by Stephen that seemed to be saying he hoped that Louisa Hodkin was granted her wish to allow weddings to take place in the London Victoria Street branch of scientology organization. This is a corporate organization, not a church, or chapel, I tried to reply to this but suddenly my computer went down. I cannot find the post now so I am airing my concerns here.This is the same man that thinks Mike Rinder is half human, please, please, please do not insult my intelligence.

If Mike Rinder was even half human he would come clean or even become "clear" on Lisa McPherson and many other things.

So anyway without further ado here is the cult in your backyard, and believe me it is in your backyard...

Vicky Bollard - "I am unbrainwashable" Yeah right!

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