Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Thank you everyone for the combined effort to put me in touch with my brother!

From the bottom of my heart I am an emotional wreck!

Lots of love to you all.



  1. Sharone it was my pleasure to hook your brother up with Janis Gillham Grady.

    All good wishes,

    Karen de la Carriere

  2. You did not, don't you ever go near my brother, not ever! I have not got around to where Janis lies in her book yet. I know I have made mistakes but hers are tantamount to LRH bullshit.i notice you are full of it, predictable to say the least, you are all banking on the fact that Arnie's death threw me...well you are bloody well right, it did! As for my brother, it was not on online at all that I was contacted, it was good old fashioned telephone...you know, you ring a phone number and someone answers...amazing! unknown- not surprised!