Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Dave Tv

Avoid dangerous cults, practice safe sects


  1. There are no Safe Sects as all the Secretaries with to work for Safe Space • a now abandoned project that Sahrone Stainforth may be able to provide reports or observations; I found this nifty work of Idealisim rummaging around in basement of Child Care Org on Fountain across from Cedars • FLB Letter writing told me it was an abandoned project ~ amazing how a decedent la Fayette can respond to write to Ron at every installation — just literally amazes me

  2. ( went to work -wont let me do edit corrections )

  3. I.love comedy, it is what keeps me sane.You have the childhood I did, nothing is sane.seriously!" The so called "church of Scientology"is insane, and so we're all the members back in the sixties including my own parents.Fucking Nuts! No wonder they had squirrels!!