Saturday, 17 November 2018

Mike Rinder needs to come clean! Will he? Never!

Mike Rinder will never come clean, just like his cohort Marty Rathbun!

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  1. What is your thesis? Tell someone I am going to Bang you and they say We Will Rock You — tellingly for our information if la Fayette can live in St. Hill Manor — whether he paid for it or not — if I were R&R ( rinder and rathburn ) I would post this guys critique on my CV ~ that is just how intelligence is done so lets discuss a vacation at greek island Κέρκυρα near albania — noted CIA nest where everyone lives in Cinder Block Buildings ▬ CIA's intelligence operations in Albania include The Albanian Subversion (Albanian: Përmbysja e Shqipërisë) — one of the earliest and most notable failures of the Western covert paramilitary intelligence trainees at Langley