Sunday, 3 December 2017

I recently watched Made in America...

Tom Cruise and pal's have to be having a laugh...but then you would wouldn't you if you tell the story so badly and people actually die in the making of it.

Tom Cruise has a habit of taking risks, but then if you are number threesome in Scientology, you can most likely justify this...bit like the time he was on the Matt Lowher show and he cut someone's oxygen to keep him and his co-workers alive...heartily funny dicing with someone's life, typically Scientologists.

Scientology risks people's lives daily and have done so for for almost 70years, does that make it right? No!

Does it make it right that so called Scientology beliefs make a person choose not to get medical help when they have cancer or psychiatric problems? No!

Tom Cruise has a lot to answer for and he knows nothing... brainwashed to buggery, I try hard to understand this, I never will.Obviously you know different you don't care about this life because you are going to keep coming back, guess what, you are not!

Put life on a precarious thread with your clandestine Petty beliefs and make the world believe?

Your   life  IS worth something, this life, not another one, not 72 virgins, not 21 years from now...and anyway where the hell is L. Ron Hubbard? where is he? He's dead!

And, Why are they all dead? Why are they dead?

It will not surprise you to know I have just heard yet another harrowing story who took those stupid fucking beliefs to heart and died unnecessarily and left yet more heartbreak behind.

It's the not understanding, and what is there to understand when someone takes their own life because of some God damned belief that is not true!

Maid to America, that is Tom Cruise, along with his best buddy David Miscavige, number two! Let them frollick in Meadows.

And, LRH, that is Laffeyette Ronald Hubbard to those that don't know, he's Number 1.

This batshit crazy guy made in America can't even make it up, he even influenced Charles Manson and look at what he did, look!

My mind randomly twists and turns, I don't do drugs, but my past constantly comes back to haunt me...why?

He, LRH drove my Father batshit crazy and to this day, I Want to Know WHY? And, I am never going to, am I?

There is some FBI thing going on here, CIA, MI5, MI6 FreeMasons, Bohemian grove.

No, I am never going to know what the fuck they did to my Father. But, I do know, because I know what they did to William Deitcsh!

I saw it!

They kept Charles Manson alive for 48 years,well that's fucking funny, isn't it!

The law changed in  California, and who changed that? The Scientologists, they change everything else!

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