Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I was a little kid aged about 6 years old when my parents got involved with Scientology in East. Grinstead. St hill Manor was the home and mecca of Scientology in England and remains so today. Back then L. Ron Hubbard was at the helm, and later in 1967 he was literally at the helm as he roamed the seas of the mediteranean with his Sea Organization. As a young child of 10 years I signed a billion year contract to be part of L. Ron Hubbards' Sea organization, it was the only way I could stay with my Dad.

Initially it was thought to be an exciting adventure, sadly for many it turned into the nightmare from hell...................this is the story of life on board the Apollo, or the Royal Scotsman as it was originally called, from a childs eye view.

Scientology Exposed:


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