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Coming up to Present Time.

I read this, this morning and it brought me to tears:

Posted by bts2free on the ex scientologist message board

It was when I started seeing SO members held against their will. It all started with Maureen Bolstad, who had attempted to blow a number of times. The Security staff at Gold told me several times, and this includes Jackson, Danny and Murphy - that becuase she had worked on both "LRH lines and COB lines, they would NEVER let her leave," I became a little weary about this ordeal of "Security." In other words, my ears pricked! And I got a little scared.

Not a few months earlier, before I had been promoted as an MAA in Gold, I was walking behind Jon Stumbke and a couple other MAA's while we were heading out to the buses to secure and I overheard a conversation that I wasn't supposed to hear, and Jon was telling another MAA, that, "We are going to investigate and harass that mother 'effer until he starts to produce some products that RTC can be proud of..." Another "ear pricking" moment for me...

Fast-Forward to about a year later, and mind you, this is when I've already been an MAA on Dept. 3 and Security lines for a while now. I was the MAA for PDO (Planetary Dissemination Org) at Gold. This was a highly regarded position because I was to keep the "Ethics IN" of those who were responsible for disseminating Dianetics and Scientology across the planet. Both Jeff Hawkins and Steve Hall will tell you that I held this post and held it to the best of my ability at that time. Actually I was a FAIR MAA, because I genuinely loved everyone I worked with in PDO and Gold and STILL do. I'm a people lover. Whatever.

When I look back on all of this, due to the fact that I really wasn't some asshole trying to "locate an SP on the lines" as RTC and other execs would want you to believe, PDO was doing really good at the time, so, I was promoted to being the Chief MAA Gold for a while and then the De-PTSer for the entire Base for several years. In other words, "I rose up the ranks" due to the fact that I could help make an area stable "and ethical." To this day, I don't take credit in that at all because these people were already "ethical" people. They had signed billion year contracts. Had made it to the Int base, and were working their asses off to "Clear the planet." In other words, easy work for an MAA right?

Well, I guess because of "MY" good work as an MAA, I was assigned to a special assignment to "baby watch" an executive named Bruce Bromley, who once was Senior CS Int and worked in the Senior CS Int office for many years. He had had enough. He blew. And blew. And was recovered, etc...

He was sent out to Happy Valley (The Int Ranch) and was put under 24/7 watch by myself and several other Security Guards at Gold.

Marty Rathbun, who had returned from the Freewinds and I believe was RTC Internal or External Security Officer at the time was his Sec Checker. And showed up several times a week to put Bruce on the cans to get his crimes. While I was Baby Watching Bruce, he tried to blow on several occasions. Each time, he was manhandled by Security personnel at Gold and held against his will until Marty showed up to calm him down and put him on the cans. I was a witness to these things. Marty was his mental handler at that time. His slave Warden so to speak.

I spent hours and hours, days and days, months and months with Bruce. He actually started to become an inspiration for me, and things that he said to me started to crack the walls that kept me locked at Int. He had just had enough. I could tell that he was just done, and wanted to go live a regular life like everyone else. And then, SO DID I.

Bruce, if you're out there and you read this, I just want you to know that you had a lot to do with my waking up. Thank you!!!!

Anyway, when I was sent to OGH for nearly a year and a half because I wanted to leave, I witnessed on several occasions people trying to jump the fence and blow - Aaron Case, Maureen Bolstad, and Shane Clarke - who were all physically restrained and brought back for interrogation. Marty, Greg Wilhere and Hansuli Stahli were the ones in RTC running that shit. They were our PRISON WARDENS. And Marty Rathbun has the gall to stop people like me from speaking OUT???? Fuck that guy!!!!

Think what you will folks.

My last question - does Marty want to go to court? I think not. What's he really doing and why wont he talk about specifics? Please Marty. Spill the fucking beans already.
 And this:

Karen, I'm sick of the "back channels." We need to be open and up front about REALITY. Scientology and Hubbard's insane bullshit was pushed on me as a child and the rest of my family. I didn't know any better and grew up thinking and believing in some pretty insane shit. The same shit that has YOUR kid tied up as a SLAVE. And Heber!

How can you still believe in Hubbard and his Satanic ritual system disguised as a "benevolent religion"? Please. Wake up!

I have admitted to and confronted my fucked up upbringing in this CULT. Why can't the adults who pushed this shit on us realize it too, instead of living a Dungeons and Dragons fantasy role playing game. There is a REAL LIFE.

I understand that a lot of people don't want to just give it all up. But facing reality, and living like everyone else in the world isn't that bad.

For example, I am the sole caregiver for my Grandma who is now in final stages of Parkinson's Syndrome. I have to change her diapers, feed her and do everything else for her every day. She cannot walk. I feed her every meal and put her in bed. She whispers when she talks. I get more "wins" by being there for her than I EVER did in Scientology. EVER. What I do for my family is more OT than anyone I've ever met.

Don't you ever get sick of having to save the world or save face for what you got involved in for so many years, that really didn't matter? I like to do things that really matter these days. Especially for my family and friends who really care about me too.

 And this:

My problem with Scientology is that I will always view it from the perspective of having been a child that was thrusted into that world from the point of view of adults who thought there was something wrong with them that they had to change.

There IS nothing wrong with children, yet for some reason as we get older, we feel we have to save everyone else from the "demise" or "dwindling spiral" that is life or as Hubbard would want us to believe. At least, that's what Cults and Scientology make you believe. Hubbard was really good at making people believe that there was something wrong with them - Contact, Salvage and Bring to Understanding that "Scientology can help you with that."

If anything, Scientology is dangerous and harmful to children. They need to be left out of it.
Maureen Bolstad

 Sea Org at Gold:

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