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Interview with Radio Paul - Tony Ortega

Tony Ortega is the editor in chief of The Village Voice. In this episode he talks about the changing nature of the paper, important issues that the Voice covers and his coverage of Scientology.



Scientology Freewinds Ship Victims

Anyone that has been on Scientology's Free winds Crusie Ship as a cruise passenger, a worker, a performer, a visiting performer or artist from any of the islands, or as a guest that just visited for the day, should call their doctor, as you have been exposed to blue asbestos.
Raw blue asbestos is the most hazardous form of asbestos, and has been banned in the United Kingdom since 1970.

Blue asbestos fibers are very narrow and thus easily inhaled, and are a major cause of mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a form of cancer which can develop in the lining of the lungs and chest cavity, the lining of the abdominal cavity, or the pericardium sac surrounding the heart. The cancer is incurable, and can manifest over 40 years after the initial exposure to asbestos
The Free winds is mainly used for their members who want to take classes and "auditing" on their way up "the bridge of freedom".

ALSO....the Free winds often hosts local functions in the ports it frequents, such as jazz concerts in Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Local artists are often showcased. It also caters to different international conferences and events. So many, many island locals have been on this ship.
Sadly, any Scientology passengers, including hundreds of children, families, friends, guests, all crew members in every department, inspectors from the islands, port authority people, local artists, hundreds of local children,performers,bands, and ANYONE that has been aboard this ship over the years has been exposed to blue asbestos.

In the early 1980's, Lawrence Woodcraft an architect and former Scientologist, claimed to have filed an affidavit affirming he encountered asbestos on the ship in 1987specifying that the Free winds was laden with dangerous blue asbestos and informed Scientology leaders. Scientology decided to do NOTHING, and did not tell it's thousands of past passengers or crew of the danger. Instead it kept on chugging away and booking cruises year after year. That would mean that the ship's operators have been potentially exposing ALL visitors to the deadliest kind of asbestos for 21 years. Up until April of 2008 when the Curacoa authorities sealed it. Scientology claims they have recently refitted the ship. But someone was quoted as saying, "the Church of Scientology claims to have removed the blue asbestos, I just don't see how, it's everywhere. You would first have to remove all the pipes, plumbing, a/c ducts, electrical wiring etc. etc. just a maze of stuff. Also panelling as well, basically strip the ship back to a steel hull. Also blue asbestos is sprayed onto the outer walls and then covered in paint. It's in every nook and cranny."
Every time a panel is removed for routine maintenance, asbestos dust is released into the rooms, cabins and corridors of the ship. A ship at sea is subjected to intense vibration and so the already loosened asbestos becomes progressively looser and releases more airborne contamination.

Please know that the ship is also a major polluter. It sometimes dumps four loads of waste per hour into the wetlands, contributing to a growing environmental problem on the islands. There are many videos on Youtube showing actual footage of the polluting done by the Free winds. So go check those out. AND SPEAK OUT!
Do your own research and type in "Free winds blue asbestos" into any search engine on the internet to see the many articles and testimonies and see for yourself.

The inclusion of this material is consistent with the non-profit, public-interest mission of independent arts & media.
This use constitutes "Fair Use" under Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107

If you Need Help Leaving Scientology
Call 1-866-XSEAORG
*This is a toll free call*


Scroll down to page 34 in the Maritime Reporter and Engineering News October 2009:
Elbow Grease, Heart and Soul.


 A little birdy told me there was also blue asbestos on the Apollo, don't know how accurate that information is, but worth thinking about, especially for all those people that chipped and scraped.

Karen De la Cariere talking about her son, Alexander Jentzsch, who recently died in unusual circumstances whilst disconnected from her.


Scroll down to last post.I would make one amendment to Karen's post and say  "but the last 60 years of secrecy is because of the culture...."David Miscavige is running Scientology on L. Ron Hubbard's policies. 

Even though the "Church" of Scientology pretends that one of the most effective therapeutic disciplines is getting off one's transgressions, secrets, witholds, ~~ in actual fact

Sea org members are forced to withold every part of their lives from non Sea Org members.

This means their parents, their closest relatives, siblings, anyone outside the Sea Org must never know what goes on within the Sea Org.

Keep it secret
Keep it hush hush.
Keep it in lock down.

The Church's good PR is senior to the Sea Org members right of free speech and good mental health.

There was so much Alexander could not tell me because it is Iron Clad Law within the Sea Org not to reveal what goes on inside.

One day, Alexander let his hair down and told me about an incident that occurred when he was 12 years old, cleaning toilets, mopping floors and vacuuming carpets at the Fort Harrison in Clearwater while getting no schooling. He only felt comfortable telling me this because the perpetrator had fled the Sea Organization and was declared Suppressive Person.

By the way I do take full responsibility for raising him as a 2nd generation Scientologist.
The only reason they grabbed him for slave labor in the Sea org was with bribery of how he would have more time with his father, and would be rewarded by permitting a father/son relationship. It never happened.

One cruel example of RTC indulging in superiority and bullying is the incident of the RTC Rep at the Flag Land Base in 1995 who decided to target my son Alexander Jentzsch — 12 years old at the time.  Alexander was not permitted to go to school, but instead  was used for janitorial duties 12 hours a day in child slave labor.  Alexander cleaned toilets and the lobby of the Fort Harrison and all the grimy back staircases and service entrances behind the galley in violation of child labor laws.

Alexander told me the story years later. The RTC Rep was a young Miscavige bully who would place his face one inch away from Alexander’s face and say:

"You  WANT  to hit me, don't you?"

"You want to strike me, but you are too chicken"

"You would love to punch me in the jaw in retaliation, but you do not have the guts, sissy!"

Alexander Jentzsch would say quietly "No Sir, I do not want to hit you," while looking down at the floor.  

Why this RTC Rep had it in for Alexander, why these bizarre episodes occurred, I do not understand. But in the Sea Org you dare not write a Knowledge Report on RTC. And this "RTC Rep" knew that Alexander was orphaned in Clearwater because his Ex- Sea Org mom was 3,000 miles away in Los Angeles and his father Heber was incarcerated by DM and put on slave labor, steam-cleaning the engines of buses from morning till night.

Alexander could not report this child abuse. Alexander could never be critical of a DM’s appointment of an RTC thug. Only years later after the RTC REP blew and was declared, did Alexander feel "safe" telling me about the incident.

Alexander did not feel safe for many years in sharing how he was abused and harmed. When a felony was committed on him, he was ordered to not speak about.   This is symptomatic of the single biggest problem inside of the cult. Whistleblowers are now emerging, but the last 25 years of secrecy is because of the culture...total secrecy of what occurs within the Sea Organization and heavy penalties for revealing what goes on inside. There is extreme abuse, extreme cruelty, heavy penalties of cleaning areas that engineering equipment should only clean, and this is routinely assigned to "Sea org members". Because it is so draconian, so medieval, so crushing and over the top, it is understandable that what happens in the Sea org must stay in the Sea org.


Fair Game, Secrecy and Security in Scientology.

Fair Game, Secrecy, Security and the church of Scientology in Cold War America by Hugh B Urban.


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Science or a Scam?

Scientology's E-meter, the machine that you are lead to believe can read your thoughts. As a child it was the all knowing GOD, knowing what you were thinking, when you were hooked up to the cans.


Knowing this and believing this can make you literally terrified when you are a young child, especially when you are trying to leave and you don't want them to know you will not be coming back. You don't just walk away from Scientology's Sea Org, you didn't in 1967 and you don't now. Not much has changed in Scientology's pseudo science fiction. If you can get grown adults to believe in this nonsense, what hope for a child? Until, like many of us kids found out the hard way, this machine can be lied to, it does NOT know all your thoughts at all.

This contraption is also used to security check people and children as young as 6 years old,and is extremely dangerous when implanting the belief that it knows all of your thoughts.



Scientology advert for Mace Kingsley School admitting they audit babies and children. Sick!


Kids doing the purification rundown:
"She cried and, as she later told a doctor, had not been "in control of her body." She said she had "seen herself from above" and felt like "one who had died." The girl had her father to thank for this "out of body" experience. He is a member of Scientology. Every day he had dragged Dorothea and her brother, one year older than herself, to the Scientology center at Karlsruhe. That is where the children say they took courses and the "Purification Rundown." This torture consists of sweating in a sauna for from three to five hours while swallowing handfuls of vitamins. Finally their grandparents told a children's doctor. "The doctor determined that the girl, at such an age, was being cared for mentally and physically in a wholly inadequate manner."

read more here:


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Forget Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun.

These two guys LIED repeatedly for years, and I don't care whether they were brainwashed or not, the fact IS they repeatedly LIED and they still lie.


They do NOT know the meaning of the word




Norman Starkey- yes I am talking to YOU

When are YOU going to man up?

YOU knew me and my family, you know YOU are talking SHIT! 100 hundred times over,YOU going to continue? How much money are YOU earning for this crock of SHIT?

OR are YOU being degraded, like everyone else, slapped, punched, kicked like every one else who speaks out about the abuses conflicted on so many people by LRH?

And, Janis Gillham Grady, I have got your number! And I will not let it go.

There are kids out there in major conflict.How many Alexander Jentzsche's do you want on your conscience?  

DO you actually know what IT means? I was locked up once,we both were Janis on the ship above, remember, and it was more than enough.I gather it happened to YOU more than once, hardly surprising, under the circumstances.I understand you will regret the day you ever spoke to me, but there IS no going back now! Can YOU find it in YOUR conscience to speak up now. David Miscavige has NO hold over anyone, EVER!

He is but a figment of YOUR imagination.

So IS Scientology!

Wall of Fire - Gerard Ryan- What a Load of Bollox!

Where do I begin... Is this guy for real...?


I am amazed you got this interview! Is it some kind of joke or is it for real? I am holding up my hands here in shear amazement. This guy is NUTS!

But that IS Scientology!

It's the done deal!

It IS f**king crazy, always has been.

Did you ever meet L. Ron Hubbard?

So Scientology damaged me as a child, but only Scientology can help me with that?

Are you kidding me?

Ding Ding, Dong!


And and and and and....

Where are you, Tommy?

It's only true if you believe it to be true!


Maybe the self inflicted punishment is the punishment of WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!IN THE NAME OF SCIENTOLOGY!

YOU have spoken to WORLD Leaders, so speak to them again and, and and TELL THEM YOU GOT IT WRONG!


Where's YOUR integrity now?

Jamie DeWolf in the Daily Mail

'Scientology is toxic; it's a poison and it's destroyed everyone that it's come into contact with it.'
Jamie DeWolf

Two Staff Fired at Narconon Arrowhead.

McALESTER — The director at Narconon Arrowhead confirms two employees were fired  this week after the body of a young woman was found dead at the facility.

“To answer the question two staff was fired this week for poor job performance which were completely unrelated to the recent matter,” said Gary Smith director of Narconon Arrowhead.


And if you believe that you'll also believe that...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mmou0HCPWes


Breaking Scientology's Disconnect Rule.

So, by Scientology's usual mandates, Tom should not be allowed to see Suri or Katie at all, as they have both split from the church. And yet, there's that whole "significant contact" thing.

It's no surprise, really, that Tom Cruise is above the laws of the Church of Scientology. After all, he's one of the highest-ranking members of the organization, so not only is he likely to have special privileges, but the church will also want to ensure that his prominent public image doesn't do anything to damage them. If Tom stopped seeing Suri altogether, the public would probably notice, and the church's harsh rules would be truly brought to light.


Sound of My Voice.

I do love me a good cult; and the weirder they are, the more deranged, the more coercive, mind-erasing, wallet-draining, sexually absolutist and murderous they are, and the more they lure their members into a realm of isolation, rote repetition, low-protein diets, 36-hour work shifts, constant exhaustion and the ever-present fear of public shaming or shunning over some minute dogmatic or ideological shortcoming, oh, the better I like them.


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L. Ron Hubbard Quotes in his own Words!


Got a dictionary, have at it!

Yolander Howell's story!


Yolanda Howell's Story

From: dennis.l.erlich@support.com
Date: Mon Nov 14 20:33:02 EST 1994

To the inFormer:

     The ill-effects of scientology on my family were
devastating and permanent.  When we joined scientology we
were generally a loving and happy family.  We had just built an
upscale house in the suburbs with all the amenities.  My
husband and I sought to provide our family with the stability
and caring that they required.  I was only 21, and had three
children, ages four months, one year and three years.

     Within one year after joining scientology we were
divorced and had moved the children four times.  My children
and I were living in squalor in the Sea Org.

     I joined scientology staff at the local mission.  This
quickly drove my husband crazy.  He came to the mission to
kill everyone and threatened to blow his head off with a
shotgun.  I acquired sole legal custody after the incident.
Someone at the mission "handled" him and he went on staff,
too.  He could not pay child support.

     I joined the Sea Org after being told by a Flag recruiter
that we would be given a "lovely" apartment.  My children, over
my protests, were taken from me and sent to live at the Cadet
Org several blocks away.  I was given training which I later had
to pay back as a freeloader's debt.  The promises of a
wonderful environment -- the most ethical on the planet --
were lies.  The slum in my home city did not even approximate
the vile conditions to which we were subjected in scientology.
My children were kept filthy -- their toys and clothing were
distributed throughout the Cadet Org.  No one owned anything.

     My husband spread the rumor that I was starving my
children when the Cadet Org did not feed them properly.
When I protested the conditions of the Cadet Org and said I
needed to route out of the Sea Org to support them or get
some welfare, I was told it was unethical to use welfare and I
could not route out.  I sent my children to live with my parents
while I attempted to route out of the Sea Org.  My husband,
aided by his auditor and girl friend, stole them.

     The Acting ED of the mission and my husband (who
worked there) had spread lies about me.  So after I routed out,
got back to the mission and attempted to retrieve my children,
no one would speak to me.  They gave no thought to the
welfare of my children or the fact that I had legal custody.
"Wog" laws don't matter in scientology.  My ex worked on
staff all day and night.  So, from a very early age, my oldest
daughter was left to baby sit the younger children, including
neighbors'.  He married a woman who believed Hubbard's idea
that it was better if the real parents did not raise their own kids
-- mutual engrams, you know.  So, they proceeded to neglect
my children, causing my oldest daughter to become unstable
and criminal, and my five year old son to get hit -- and killed -
- by a car as he played, unsupervised, in a busy street.  They
swore he was "protected by postulates."

     I was ostracized by people at the mission and I was not
allowed input regarding my children's upbringing.  But, at least
I could see my children occasionally.  I had been forbidden to
criticize their upbringing.  I feared loss -- yet again -- of my
children, if I spoke up.

     Although I had said I was done with scientology, I was
told I could never see my children again unless I came up with
the money for auditing and my freeloaders debt.  I was also
told that I would be declared (Suppressive) if I told anyone
what they had done with my children.  The Acting ED said that
he intended to lie and say I had blown the Sea Org so no one
would listen to me, anyway.  They paid no attention to the
harm they were doing to my children by abruptly depriving
them of their mother.  I had been their major supporting parent
since their births.

     When my daughter was five, she put razor blades in her
step mother's purse to "get even."   My son clung to anyone
with long dark hair (like mine) and my second daughter was
also hit by a car.  She was not killed.  Her eye, however, was
permanently damaged when she was two.  Another scientology
child of eight was left to baby sit her and five other children.
The scientologist whose house they were using was a
beautician and had left her supplies lying about.  My daughter
had rubbed hair dye into her eye.

     I baby sat other staff members' children and really
loved them.  One thing was common in all families (most had
one or more divorces):  the children were all deprived of a
normal, secure upbringing.  In the Sea Org, many exec families
had me baby sit during my "enhancement time" because the
conditions in the Cadet Org were so bad.  Later they all were
ordered to send their children to the Cadet Org, anyway.
Several children got in legal trouble for roaming the streets of
Los Angeles, unsupervised.  Their parents got in trouble for not
handling their kids, in spite of the fact that they were given no
time to do so.  Sea Org activities demanded the children and
parents were deprived of each others' company.  The children
were deprived of adequate love and guidance.  Instead they
were given Hubbard's trite phrases with which to guide their
lives.  They were never taught to think or reason beyond using
a "Hubbardism."

      One little baby I knew in the Sea Org got herpes during
a Cadet Org epidemic.  A 14 year old girl disclosed to me how
she and a few other little girls were leaving the Cadet Org in
the daytime and performing sexual services for one of the girl's
uncles in exchange for money.  A man who worked in the
Cadet Org admitted he was sexually molesting the children.
Although these incidents were written up, as far as I know they
were never "handled."

     I saw one staff member's child, who had been declared
a Suppressive Person at age 12, turned out onto the street
with no means of support.  When he tried to sneak into the
galley line to get some food, he was physically jumped by two
adults who forced him outside again.

     One woman's baby became very ill -- thin and colicky --
after using the Hubbard's "baby formula."  We were not
allowed to say it was bad, however.  How I respected her for
saying that it was hurting her baby and she was going to give
him formula!  He then recovered fully.

   Another family always delivered their children at home
and never reported the births.  If their children ever want to
join society, there will be no record of them.  I knew of
another baby who died during a home birth with the cord
wrapped around its neck -- a simple procedure with adequate
hospital care.  But scientologists don't believe in that sort of

      My children, those who managed to survive a
scientology upbringing, are ill adjusted and have all sorts of
social problems.  My middle daughter, who rejected
scientology as the thing that "broke up her family," has
managed to graduate from college through hard work and
scholarships.  Her family made a lot of money, but it was
dedicated to the "bridge."  She does not really want a career,
however.  She says all she wants is a stable family where she
can share love -- something she never had growing up.

     The atrocities that have been committed against children
by individuals using scientology "technology" are reprehensible
enough to provide cause to place the cult in government
receivership.  But if government agencies cannot or will not do
anything, then we must.  We must speak out via pamphlets,
books, films, videos, interviews and any other media.  Only by
joining together and speaking out publicly can we protect other
children from the horrors to which our own were subjected.

                         Yolanda Howell

Yolanda, thank you for speaking out about the tragedies
scientology caused your family.  My heart goes out to you.
With testimony like yours, perhaps we can prevent future
abuses of the cult's total power over innocent lives.
         Rev. Dennis L Erlich     * * the inFormer * *


[address] August 30, 1989

Dear Margery,
I read of your plight in the Free Spirit. I, too have a Scientology horror story to relate. I, also, would seek some sort of recompense (if it were possible to replace the lost lives, dreams, relationships, income potential, etc.) but have not known where to turn as I was told my "statute of limitations" was up. I was in such a state of shock I couldn't even talk about it for the period of the statute of limitations!

In a nutshell, as I believe you need these statements to be brief, I will relate my tale as follows:
1. In May of 1973, at 21 years of age, I joined the Church of Scientology, Mission of Salt Lake City, Utah.

2. In November 1973, after unsatisfactory (and very strange) "marriage counseling," I divorced my husband of five years. I had three children, aged 4, 2, and 9 months. We sold our two-year-old house and all of our possessions and my ex took all of the money so he could get "audited."

3. In June of 1974 I was convinced to join the Sea Organization at AOLA, in Los Angeles, where I would be "trained as an auditor in the most ethical organization on earth, receive at least $5 an hour (good wages back then!) after I was trained, receive a very nice apartment for myself and my children to live in, and be supplied with clothing and food for myself and my children. My children would attend school in "a very upstat nursery." I quit a college accounting program I was on to pursue this situation that seemed designed for a single mother.

4. After one night in a one-room "apartment," my children were taken away from me and put in the Cadet Org which, at that time, was a filthy, poorly managed, nursery for Sea Org Members' children. I was escorted to the Excalibur where I received my Product 0 training. I returned two weeks later to find all of my personal belongings had been rifled, things stolen, and I was to sleep on a couch without blankets in a foyer of the staff house.

5. In addition to my own schedule of 22 hours a night (we had "all-hands" every night) it became apparent that my children were not being fed, occasionally, at the Cadet Org. I approached the HAS to see about my getting on Welfare to ensure my children got fed, and I was reprimanded. I became so totally exhausted physically and mentally, that I hallucinated (I have never done any hallucinogenic drugs -- I smoked marijuana a little in 1972). I felt my mental health suffered greatly during this time.

6. My parents came to visit, saw the conditions, and talked me into leaving the Sea Org, which I did during a rare weekend off that I had been given to prove to my parents how "normal" everything was in the Sea Org. We got to my Uncle's in Nevada and I panicked: I thought that if I blew and got declared "SP" I would die as a being and be unable to care for my children. I told my parents to take my children back to Salt Lake City, and I would return to AOLA and properly route out. I told them I thought this probably took about three days.

7. For several days I attempted to see the MAA or HAS to route out, and was put off. I finally got to see the HAS and, essentially, he put me off and sent me back to post. I thought he was "working" on it. This went on for three weeks. I was in a terrible condition of grief from missing my children, confusion at the things I was exposed to in the organization, and despair at ever being allowed to "properly route out." I was terrified of the MAA (Margaret George). She screamed almost incessantly, calling people "SP's", and soon I didn't know how so many good Scientologists could also be considered "SP." I finally got to see her and she yelled at me; she told me I had finally gotten what I wanted. I asked what she meant and she said that I had never wanted my children anyway.

8. Meantime, my ex-husband called (we had been on very good terms when I left for the Sea Org. I have known him since I was 12 years old and he had never deceived me before) and told me that my parents had told him that they had to get back to work and could not watch my children anymore. He offered to watch the children until I got back. (Eleven years later, when I could finally talk about the occurrences, my parents informed me that this was not true: they had hired a permanent baby-sitter for my children during the day while they worked. They said that my ex-husband had called them and said that I had told him he could have the kids! They had repeatedly been unable to contact me by phone, and I was disallowed from private conversations with them except for one time).

9. After six weeks I was taken into "session," caused to rockslam, and told I was being routed out for evil intentions. I flew back to Salt Lake City with a ticket my mother had left at the airport for me.

10. When I returned to Salt Lake City, I immediately called my ex-husband to let him know I was back. He seemed very cool and aloof on the phone. I went to the mission thinking- my ex-husband had the children there, or something. I had no idea anything was amiss. I was physically grabbed and forced by the Ethics Officer, the minute I walked through the door, into an inner office, where the Deputy Executive Director (David West) acted as a "mediator" while my ex-husband threatened me physically with a raised chair to "cave my head in." I was still physically and mentally exhausted, and this next situation threw me into total shock. As I said, my ex-husband and I had been on good terms, and suddenly was threatening to kill me in front of witnesses! I asked him what was wrong and he said that he didn't want me back in town because he was getting married and he was afraid that he still loved me. Attempting to appease him, I congratulated him and reassured him: I had only come to get my children.

11. He then informed me that I could not have them back (I had legal custody). I was numb and could barely argue. I couldn't believe this was happening. I was told by Dave West that I have been so third-parried while I was gone that he didn't want any Scientologist talking to me. In fact, he didn't even want me on the same street as Scientologists (SLC is not a very large town, and I lived a short distance from the mission. One day I was spotted drinking an orange soda at Dee's restaurant and I received a vicious call from Dave West telling me not to be on 2nd South -- a main street in Salt Lake City!)

12. I pleaded with Dave and my ex to let me at least see my children. Dave West and my ex-husband then told me to come up with $1,500 for auditing and then I could see my kids. (Just this year my youngest daughter told me that her father once told her that he once had been very much in love with me, but that was before Dave West, his auditor, set him "straight" on me! Apparently the whole incident was designed and guided by Dave West, the Deputy Director! As my ex-husband was being trained to be the registrar, I suppose he saw it as a good way to start his career.)

13. I was instructed not to tell anyone of what they had said, or I would be declared an SP and would not ever get to see my children!

14. To get the money, I badgered family members, causing my once close family to separate from me, and begged in Sugarhouse Park from total strangers for, not a few dollars, but the full amount! Finally, my mother loaned it to me, although she still did not understand what was going on. I was then allowed to see my children, once. I was not allowed back at the mission, however, because, after they had my money, I was told I needed $1,600 more to pay off my Sea Org freeloader debt!!!!

I talked about this only in session for years, and never was any ethics action called by an auditor on David West or my ex. The entire topic was never actually directly addressed in session! In spite of the fact that I did every ethics condition assigned to me to try to get my kids back and suffered every demeaning blow to my ego they hurled, underwent auditing for 10 years to find out what I did to "pull this in," I was never allowed to get my kids back, or even to talk about it.

I later found out from Phil Parks of the Salt Lake Missions that David West had told everyone I had blown the Sea Org (and thus was declared an SP so they weren't to talk to me). Phil Parks, and the others, to this day still believe the slander that was spread by my ex and Dave West. For up to seven years I ran into people I didn't even know in Scientology who had "heard" about me. When I asked them what they had heard, invariably they couldn't remember, but it was "bad," or heard I abandoned my children and was starving them to death and my ex-husband had to go get them from me, etc., etc. Four of these people were Sue Cooper-Kimball Piper, Dee Barber, Gina Godwin, and Annie McGregor. I was so slandered and so affected by the loss of my children that my income-producing potential suffered (it is very hard to explain to non-Scientologists, especially in Utah where a lot of value is placed on the family, that your children do not live with you. I was deeply ashamed of this, but could not tell anyone what had happened. The question about children invariably came up in job interviews and I am certain that both my emotional responses to this area of questioning and my debilitated operational level because of this situation decreased certain chances for advancement. I felt that I had to try to make Scientology look good, no matter what. I had to be an excellent Scientologist, or I never would get my kids back!)

The slander was so complete and I was so devastated, that I have never recovered. My son, my baby, is dead now, hit by a car at five years of age while crossing a busy street "protected by postulates." My son never knew I was his mother. He just thought I was some strange lady that came to visit that everybody called "Mom."

When I was in high school, I was in the upper 3% in the nation for SAT scores. My IQ has always tested high -- 122 to 144. I had a lot of potential and willingness. Unfortunately, I also had an equal measure of naivety. Scientology took advantage of my better nature, convinced me I was a totally worthless person, and destroyed my family life. There is more to this story, but, after 15 years I still can hardly stand to recall it, in spite of my being "OT."

David West was, as last I knew, the Senior CS for NOTs, AOLA.

I wish you the best, Margery Wakefield.

CARF - Narconon Documents.

Religious Technology Centre - RTC.

Is Independent Scientology the Key to Unlock the IRS Agreement


Independent scientologist Marty Rathbun should should explain exactly how that secret meeting with the IRS got the "church" of Scientology tax exemption in the first place.He was there, so he should know, perhaps he'll write a book about it.

Former Narconon Patient Talks about Treatment Practices.

Jamie DeWolf Gaining more Notoriety for his Views on Scientology

If anyone should get more notoriety for his views on Scientology then I can't think of anyone better than Jamie DeWolf. He is after all L. Ron Hubbard's great grandson. I was personally delighted to meet him at the Conference in Dublin and when he said he hadn't written anything for the conference, I told him I would hope he was going to do the piece he had done for Snap Judgement. He said he would see if anyone else was interested in that. Fortunately they were.The first couple of times I had watched that it reduced me to tears.Tony Ortega calls it 'spell-binding' and it certainly is, as is Jamie DeWolf.



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GerryArmstrong's Wall of Fire Part 3

Church of Scientology's Cadet Org/Kids in the Sea Org.

Now who was it that told me there are no more kids in the Sea Org and haven't been for many years. Ah, it was an Independent Scientologist, independently giving false data.


Dear Amanda.

This is a story about a Father's struggle to keep in contact with his children, it is very long and very moving.This a small segment taken from chapter two, called Clearwater.

In the fall of 1994, Linda and I decided to visit you and Ben in Florida. Hoping you two could get some time off from your various duties, whatever they were, we announced our plans long in advance, because we wanted to spend a week with you both, traveling, exploring, visiting, and camping out.

Ben, in his Sea Org uniform, and you, in plain clothes, gave us the grand tour of the Fort Harrison (a former resort hotel, now "spiritual headquarters") and the Sand Castle (a former motel, now posh offices and quarters). Both facilities were clean and in good repair, generally pleasing to behold, if a bit on the gaudy side. Sea Org members, in their blue uniforms, scurried everywhere. The feeling was one of barely controlled chaos; it was not unlike scenes I had experienced at school plays and such.

After some urging we prevailed on Ben to show us where he lived: an apartment complex where he shared a suite with a number of others. It was a bit run-down, obviously not a beneficiary of the attention lavished on the buildings we'd toured earlier, but habitable.

Our tour of the Quality Inn (or “Q.I.”), yet another former motel where you and your mom lived, was impromptu and more interesting.

We visited there several times: first, just to see where you lived; second, to rearrange the load in the car for our camping trip; third, at the end of that trip, to tour your school and talk with its teacher.

The first time we went there, you showed us the room you shared with three other girls, and showed us the near-by room your mother shared with another woman and her baby. You proudly demonstrated your ability to get into your mother’s room via a window when the door was locked. I wondered why you, at the age of 12, didn’t live in the same room as your mother.

That place was bad. The building and grounds were obviously suffering from a lack of maintenance and repair. So were the children, as we were soon to see.

During our second visit, I reorganized the load in the car and eavesdropped while Linda visited with about eight kids, from about 6 to 11 years of age. They had apparently just been hanging around before we arrived; now, they were seeking Linda's attention.

They needed attention, physical and emotional, in the worst way. Not only were they dirty, with matted hair, and in need of changes of clothes; they also very much needed some adult affection.

Linda was eager to provide it. She sat in the car's front seat while a girl of about 8 sat on her lap, stroked her arm, and explained her parents had been bad, so they were in the R.P.F.* and were too busy and too tired to care for her. The other children surrounded the open car door, some talking, some quiet, some reaching out to touch Linda, all hungry for attention. This went on for about half an hour. Linda said afterward it was like relating with street urchins in a third-world city.

[*R.P.F.: Rehabilitation Project Force, a Scientology forced labor and concentration camp to which members who are guilty of, for example, poor job performance or inadequate recruiting efforts, are sent. Scientology’s most egregious violations of members’ civil rights are probably to be found in the R.P.F.]

You, of course, were older than any of those urchins. Presumably, at 13, you were old enough to be useful to the Sea Org and thus enjoyed some status in it. I tried to imagine you as one of those sad, lonely children, but my imagination was not equal to the task.

Although Ben's freedom to come on our little trip was in doubt until the last minute, the four of us left Clearwater that afternoon for a circular journey that included several state parks (including one we thought should be re-named for that venerable insect, the mosquito) and a visit to my father and his wife in Ft. Lauderdale.

My fondest memory of that outing was the canoe trip you, Ben, and I took up the Loxahatchee River. While Ben and I paddled through the mangroves and upstream into the woods, with ospreys by the hundreds flying about and perching in trees, you read to us from a book about mangrove swamps. Truly a marvelous time!

We returned to Clearwater late one afternoon, after a week of traveling through the state. I had wanted to see the school you were currently attending, and from which Ben had supposedly graduated. Ben thought he could arrange that.

People were dining in a cafeteria when we arrived, so we waited. I remember watching a boy doing stunts on his bicycle and thinking how dangerous that looked, because there was no unpaved area on the grounds of the Q.I.

After supper, Ben introduced us to Miss L., the teacher at the “Cadet School,” and we followed her to the two-room facility which appeared to have been a conference room when the Q.I. had been a motel.
Miss L., though courteous and accommodating, was obviously not well educated, judging from her use of the language. In fact, she revealed she had never attended college, but had been awarded a teaching certificate in Arizona, at a time when college was not a prerequisite for such certification. I surmised her certificate limited her to teaching kindergarten and (maybe) first grade. At the Cadet School, she taught kindergarten through twelfth grade.

She showed me the study areas and the collection of textbooks. Some of those were hand-me-downs from public schools; most of the others were written by L. Ron Hubbard and did not address academic subjects. She confirmed my suspicion that the Cadet School was not accredited.

Miss L. explained to me that she did not teach chemistry or physics, because the school had no Bunsen burners. I suspected that she didn't teach those subjects because she had not the slightest understanding of them. Also notable for their absence were computers and lab equipment of any sort.

As we neared the end of our tour, Miss L. showed me an area, on one wall, where about ten diplomas were on display. She explained that a student had to pass the G.E.D. examination in order to receive a diploma from the Cadet School. One of the diplomas on display was Ben's.

I knew Ben hadn't taken the G.E.D., and he was nearby, so I questioned him. Miss L. was very embarrassed when she had to admit Ben had not earned the diploma.

After our tour of the school, our business in Clearwater was finished. We bade you and Ben farewell, then we drove away from the Q.I. I pulled the car into the first available parking lot to compose myself, because I was somewhat shaken, not only by my recently acquired understanding of your "school," but also by the sum of my impressions about the environment in which you lived. I knew, in that instant, that I had to do something to get you out of that place.

Linda and I began sharing our perceptions and comparing our experiences. After we’d shed a few tears for those poor, sad children we’d seen at the Q.I., I composed myself, and we drove to the state park where we’d been camping to get a night’s sleep before beginning the long drive home.

When you first moved to Florida, you and Ben seemed happy and healthy; other than the serious matter that you were failing to receive the educations to which you were entitled, I could find no fault with the ways in which you were being raised.

In the intervening years, however, other problems had begun to appear; by the time our visit in Clearwater ended, it was obvious to me that you were in grave danger.

Your frightened reaction to our little auto accident I took seriously, particularly since your explanation strongly suggested you were in an environment in which fear was used to motivate you.

I also noted that your need for glasses had not been met in Clearwater, and wondered whether your dental and health needs were being addressed.

I had observed carefully as your mother had manipulated you when you suggested you might want to move to my home. Although it was certainly possible that any mother, Scientologist or not, might be moved to such tactics by the threat of having a minor child leave her home, the skill with which the appearance of your making the decision was preserved despite the arm-twisting to which you’d been subjected made me suspicious. I was beginning to learn that Scientology freely uses manipulation to alter people’s perceptions of reality, and those most affected by that manipulation are Scientologists. I was beginning to understand manipulation as a tool for forcing a Scientologist into a mold while maintaining the fantasy that she is making decisions “of her own free will.”

Then there was the huge issue around continuing visitation among the three of us. The implied threats that some attempt to interfere with our visitation would result if I were ever to speak ill of Scientology I found very worrisome; I was hardly proud of the fact that, so far, they were working.
In fact, the Sea Org already had the mechanism in place for such interference: your and Ben’s need for advance permission to be “off post” in order to leave Clearwater. I was pretty sure that was why Ben had abruptly stopped visiting: his permission to do so either hadn’t been granted or had been rescinded. I interpreted that as nothing less than the Sea Org’s insistence that he choose between his loyalty to the organization and his loyalty to me.

Your mother’s willingness to remove herself from the loop regarding arrangements for your visits completed that picture: I was left to make visitation arrangements directly with you and Ben and, therefore, indirectly with the Sea Org. In this very important area, at least, your mother had abdicated her parental responsibilities in favor of the Sea Org.

Your lack of animation during the first three days of your summer visit was a matter of some concern to me. Obviously, there could be many possible reasons why a girl of almost thirteen years might experience difficulties in the face of the adjustments necessary to change homes temporarily. But what I had learned about Scientology caused me to think it more likely that you had been subjected to some form of mental abuse before leaving Clearwater.

Of course, it was our visit to Clearwater that put the icing on the cake. We had seen two faces of the Sea Org: the glitzy, polished, uniformed headquarters, capable of being photographed and shown proudly to the public; and the wretched underside, where facilities were in disrepair and children were neglected, disrespected, and poorly educated. What sort of religion, I wondered, could so neglect its children?

There could be no doubt that gross misrepresentations, even lies, had been made to me concerning the well-being of my children. Obviously, it was time I began seeking explanations from sources other than your mother, sources outside Scientology. Something had to change; the way to begin was to try to understand what was happening and why.


Targeting the Masses.

An excellent paper written by Stephen Kent about Scientology strategies for the taking over of both people and countries.

Resource acquisition efforts towards political elites for international purposes

The public position of Hubbard and Scientology regarding politics is that his movement is "non-political in nature.... We seek no revolution. We seek only evolution to higher states of being for the individual and for Society" (Hubbard, 1965; see PAB 62 [30 September 1955] in Tech II: 268). Hubbard's assertion, however, that Scientology is a non-political enterprise is not supported by his own actions and organizational directives, including documented instances when he attempted to establish himself and his ideology among the political (and sometimes military) elites of various nations. In August, 1960, for example, Hubbard attempted to establish a Department of Government Affairs within the Scientology organization, and the object and goal of the Department was overtly political:
The object of the Department is to broaden the impact of Scientology upon governments and other organizations and is to conduct itself so as to make the name and repute of Scientology better and more forceful. Therefore defensive tactics are frowned upon in the department.... Only attacks resolve threats (HCO Policy Letter 15 August 1960 in Hubbard, 1972, OEC 7: 484).
More directly political were his comments six paragraphs later:
The goal of the Department is to bring the government and hostile philosophies or societies into a state of complete compliance with the goals of Scientology. This is done by a high level ability to control and in its absence by low level ability to overwhelm. Introvert such agencies. Control such agencies. Scientology is the only game on Earth where everybody wins (HCO Policy Letter 15 August 1960 in Hubbard, 1972, OEC 7: 484).
Apparently the Department of Government Affairs only existed on paper (Miller, 1987: 241), even though the organization reprinted the bulletin in its collection of organizational directives over a decade after he first wrote it. Probably Scientology reprinted the policy because these functions had been assumed by the Guardian Office {8} and, later, the Office of Special Affairs {9}.
Aside from his encouragement to US franchise holders in 1960 that they work against Richard Nixon's presidential bid (Miller, 1987: 240-241), Hubbard explained to his followers how, Jesuit-like, they could exert political influence. "Don't bother to get elected. Get a job on the secretarial staff or the bodyguard, use any talent one has to get a place close in, go to work on the environment and make it function better" (HCO 23 June AD 10 (1960) in HCOB 6:239; see Miller, 1987: 241).

Following the spirit of his own advice, Scientology briefly made inroads into the Moroccan government through a program intended to produce greater efficiency in the country's post office (Atack, 1990: 203; Miller, 1987: 311). The program, however, failed, but the group's training exercise for senior police officers and intelligence agents may have been more successful. This exercise showed officials how to use Scientology's E-meter as a detection tool against political subversives (Miller, 1987: 311). Ironically, a Scientologist already had demonstrated the E-meter's potential to an army officer who soon after borrowing the device committed suicide after leading a failed coup (Miller, 1987: 311) {10}. These attempts at gaining influence among Moroccan officials during late 1972 suggest that Hubbard wanted to find "a friendly little country where Scientology would be allowed to prosper (not to say take over control)" (Miller, 1987: 310).

His desire for such a country dated back at least to 1959, at which time he hoped that the Australian Labour Party and trades union movement would have adopted Scientology techniques and with them won the next election. Hubbard had hoped that such a win would have created "a favourable climate for the development of the church and neutraliz[ed] the unabated hostility of the Australian media" (Miller, 1987: 236). In 1966 he tried to influence Rhodesian politics by producing, "uninvited, a 'tentative constitution" for that country while attempting to "ingratiate himself with the leading political figures" of the country (Miller, 1987: 258).In that constitutional proposal Hubbard required that all voters ("electors" as he called them) had to have "[a] good standard of literacy in English" (Hubbard, 1966: [3]), and it may have been that he saw this literacy requirement as an opportunity to have Scientology form the basis of the emerging country's educational system {11}. In any case, he was expelled from the country in July, 1966.

Two years earlier, Hubbard had revealed revealed his desire to gain control over an jurisdictional area. To readers (mostly Scientologists) he elaborated plans to ensure world peace by building an international city to which all "heads of government, congresses, and parliaments" would move (Hubbard, 1964: 4). Amidst directives pertaining to an array of issues (i.e., the city's armed forces, government, extradition powers, finances, etc.), Hubbard stated that "the United Nations and national governments [must be persuaded] that they have no interest in matters of healing or welfare and may not legislate for or against them, nor assist to create health monopolies..." (Hubbard, 1964: 7). Moreover, "[t]he United Nations should not be permitted to define or outline 'orthodox science' or introduce any idea of orthodoxy into any science or the humanities except government" (Hubbard, 1964: 10). Along these same lines, "nor should the United Nations or National Governments be permitted to require the indoctrination in any way of the citizens of states or countries, nor pronounce upon their mental fitness or lack of it" (Hubbard, 1964: 11). At the very least Hubbard wanted a major geographical locale where Scientology would have equal footing with traditional forms of mental health. The project remained mythical, but the mere title of the scheme (Scientology: Plan for World Peace) suggested Hubbard's desire to gain control over a governmental area in order to allow the unbriddled practice of his ideology within it. As the supposed editor of the booklet proclaimed about "L. Ron Hubbard, Ph.D." [sic] and his proposal, "[t]his Plan for World Peace was foreshadowed in Dr.[sic] Hubbard's famous books Dianetics, the Modern Sceince of Mental Health (1950) and Science of Survival" (Hubbard, 1964: 3).

On the lovely Greek island of Corfu, Hubbard almost saw his mythical dream come true (Forte 1981). Docking his ships there in September, 1968, Hubbard quickly endeared himself and his Sea Org to the shopkeepers by infusing the local merchants and traders with about a L1,000 per day in purchases for his flotilla. Perhaps through the merchants he gained favour with the local newspapers, and through newspaper interviews he attempted to ingratiate himself with the ruling Greek junta ( Forte, 1981: 19, 21, 37). Through some useful introductions that the National Tourist Organization made for a Scientology public relations team among members of Corfu's social elite, Scientologists entered the island's high society. Hubbard himself made a red carpet entrance into a local casino that was housed in a palace, and the next day he rechristened his ships with Greek names and threw a lavish party for his Corfu admirers (Forte, 1981: 21-27). By early 1969 Hubbard believed that relations with the island were so smooth that officials would permit him to establish a Scientology University (called The Greek University of Philosophy) and offices on its shores (Forte, 1981: 29, 37-41). Information, however, provided by the British and Australian governments, plus a display of concern about the group by sentries from United States Marines motivated the Greek Foreign Secretary to expel Hubbard and his crew on March 19th. Hubbard was so taken off guard by the twenty-four hour expulsion notice that he apparently was "overcome by shock" (Forte, 1981: 41). Undoubtedly a contributing factor to his shock was his loss of a land base from which he could have operated and extended his influence in the country.


I bring this up because of the targeting of the London Olympics and also the continuing targeting of third world countries with particular emphasis on places like Cuba and Colombia.The whole paper is well worth reading and gives many insights into how Scientology operates and make no mistake this is how they have always operated.Why change the habit of a lifetime when you are hellbent on ruling the world.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Colombia:

Does the National Police of Colombia endorse scientology:

Hollywood sect seeks expansion in Colombia:

Scientology Volunteers provide seminars in Colombia:

The Freewinds creating an ever widening wake of LRH technology:

The Message or the Messenger?

Scientology in Puerto Rico:

Volunteer Ministers in Mexico:

Dublin Offlines Conference - Jamie DeWolf

Divorce and Religion

Narconon Cruise Mission Impossible.

Narconon Under Fire afer Patients death

Tom Cruise 'Snubs' Cult Film.

Scientology Wins Appeal in Lawsuit.

London Olympics 2012.

Never one to let an opportunity pass them by, the corporate world of Scientology  is going to make at least two million people a little happier with "their way to happiness" booklets which will be handed out to the passing throng in Olympic proportions. The Vulture Ministers, in the unlikely guise of yellow T-shirted dupes with the logo"Volunteer Minister" will be on hand to give out Olympic "touch assists" to those in need of resuscitation should it be required.

Resuscitation will be required, because lurking in the shadows will be the Scientology regges waiting for the miraculous opportunity to take your money and sell you advanced courses in how to be duped even further, but first it will start with a little booklet called "The Way to happiness". A set of common sense applications that most folks know anyway, but we have to give credit to L. Ron Hubbard, because he holds the copyright on your happiness, apparently.

"There is no more ethical group on this planet than ourselves."
- L. Ron Hubbard, KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING. 7 February 1965, reissued 27 August 1980
"In all the broad Universe there is no other hope for Man than ourselves."
- L. Ron Hubbard, "Ron's Journal" 1967

Watch videos and learn about the 21 precepts of The Way to Happiness, a non- religious moral code based on common sense, written by L. Hubbard. Learn how ...

Now did I just read that correctly or is my mind playing tricks on me, "a non religious moral code" what? by L. Ron Hubbard.But Scientology is a religion, isn't it? Well according to the Scientologists it is. But according to L. Ron Hubbard it isn't...

"Scientology...is not a religion."
- L. Ron Hubbard, CREATION OF HUMAN ABILITY, 1954, p. 251

So which is it? You can't have it both ways, Scientology.

But apparently, you can, when theres money to be made!

- L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 9 March 1972, MS OEC 384

"The Way to Happiness" won't be the only booklet handed out "say No to drugs" is another one of Scientology's non religious moral codes of practise and no doubt will be presented to you in none other than by the swingers of Jive, the Jive Aces.

Suited in yellow, these Olympian juggernauts of swinging and jiving will be playing live in Victoria Park, London on the 30th of July and the 7th August at 3pm.One can't help but wonder what happened to their moral code, when the drummer put his daughter in the Sea Org, after her Mother died.

But lets not dwell on moral codes written by a science fiction writer, there will be at least two million more Scientologists after the Olympics, won't there David Miscavige?

"I’m drinking lots of rum and popping pinks and greys."
- L. Ron Hubbard in a 1967 letter to his wife, written during the period when he was creating Scientology’s secret "upper levels."  (Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. a.k.a. Ronald DeWolf, L. RON HUBBARD: MESSIAH OR MADMAN? Random House 1989)

"Advanced Courses [in Scientology] are the most valuable service on the planet. Life insurance, houses, cars, stocks, bonds, college savings, all are transitory and impermanent... There is nothing to compare with Advanced Courses. They are infinitely valuable and transcend time itself."
- L. Ron Hubbard speaking of his Operating Thetan Courses, Flag Mission Order 375

"Let’s sell these people a piece of blue sky."
- L. Ron Hubbard to an associate in 1950, soon after the opening of the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation.  (Jon Atack, A PIECE OF BLUE SKY: SCIENTOLOGY, DIANETICS AND L. RON HUBBARD EXPOSED, Lyle Stuart/Carol Publishing Group. 1990)

"We're playing for blood, the stake is EARTH."
- L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 7 November 1962


Scientology Is Not a Religion.

“In the 1930s it was the Jews. Today it is the Scientologists.” So read a full-page open letter, published in the International Herald Tribune on Jan. 9, 1997, to then-German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Signed by 34 prominent figures in the entertainment industry—none of them Scientologists and many of them Jews—the letter went on to accuse the German government of “repeating the deplorable tactics” of Nazi Germany against the self-proclaimed religion started in 1952 by science-fiction author L. Ron Hubbard.

This initiative, endorsed by the likes of Goldie Hawn, Larry King, Dustin Hoffman, and Oliver Stone, was orchestrated not by the Church of Scientology but by Bertram Fields, lawyer to the sect’s most famous member, Tom Cruise. Yet it conformed to the Church’s campaign, started several years earlier, to brand modern Germany as akin to the Third Reich. A Scientology-sponsored ad that ran on Sept. 29, 1994, in the Washington Post, for instance, declared that 50 years after the Holocaust “neo-Nazi extremism is on the march in a reunited Germany.” In 1996, a Scientology advertisement in the New York Times stated, “You may wonder why German officials discriminate against Scientologists. There is no legitimate reason but then there was none that justified the persecution of the Jewish people either.”

By likening the German government’s treatment of Scientologists to Nazi barbarism, the Church of Scientology didn’t just draw a vulgar comparison: It turned the country’s official anti-Scientology posture on its head. Since the Church established itself here in 1970, the German government has waged a long-running legal and political battle against it. The government makes its logic plain: Because of its history of Nazism, Germany believes it has an obligation to root out extremists, and not just those of a political flavor. In the eyes of most Germans, Scientology is nothing more than a cult with authoritarian designs on the country’s hard-won pluralistic democracy.

While several governments around the world have set up commissions to study Scientology in order to determine whether it qualifies as a religion, Germany broke new ground when, in 1992, the city of Hamburg set up a “Scientology Task Force” to monitor the group, assist members who have left the Church and are thus cut off from their families, and discourage citizens from joining it in the first place. (That office, which maintained a vast and extensive archive of official Scientology documents, many of them classified by the Church, was closed due to government budget cuts in 2010.)

The former head of the Task Force, Ursula Caberta, has labeled Cruise “an enemy of [the German] constitution” and has not so subtly likened the Church to the Third Reich, calling it a “totalitarian organization that seeks to control everybody else, a dictatorship.” Hers is a view that an overwhelming number of Germans seem to share: A 2007 poll found that 74 percent favor banning Scientology. The German equivalent of the FBI, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (the Bundesamt für Verfassungshutz, or BfV), has been monitoring Scientology since 1997. On the BfV’s homepage, Scientology is listed alongside “Right-wing extremism,” “Islamism,” and “Espionage” as one of its focus areas. (The Hamburg government has even printed pamphlets warning about the dangers of Scientology in Turkish for the country’s sizable Turkish minority.)

Contrast this response to the attitude toward Scientology in the United States, where the Church, though largely seen as a celebrity curiosity, is a tax-exempt, legally recognized religious faith. When Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise two weeks ago, dozens of photographers were dispatched to stake out her exclusive Chelsea apartment building; lawyers took to the airwaves predicting the details of their settlement; and tabloids asked what would happen to Suri, the couple’s 6-year-old daughter. Hovering only in the background has been the Church of Scientology, whose role in the breakup remains as opaque as the SUV-driving stalkers shadowing Holmes in Manhattan.

Meanwhile, in Germany, it is Scientology that has dominated the headlines. “Life in the Tom-Cruise-Cult: A Berlin mother and her son report how they fell into the clutches of the dangerous organization,” shouted a recent front page of B.Z., a popular tabloid in the country’s capital. The German press has portrayed the Church, uniformly, as an evil sect that threatens not only individual Germans but the very basis of the country’s cherished postwar democracy. “The ideology of the organization is completely directly against our liberal-democratic constitutional order,” Caberta, the former head of Hamburg’s Scientology Task Force, told the newspaper. “Members are oppressed, exploited, and psychologically broken.”

On the surface, the German reaction might seem overwrought and apocalyptic. The same BfV report that labels Scientology anti-democratic, for instance, estimated that the group has only about 4,000 to 5,000 members in Germany—far fewer than the 30,000 the Church claims. And a handful of sober German critics allege that their country’s attitude to Scientology resembles a societal panic akin to the McCarthyism of the 1950s. (German commentator Joseph Joffe wrote at the height of the Scientology controversy in 1997 that no Scientologist “has ever been seen training in Germany’s dark forests with an AK-47 in hand.”)

True enough. Yet while Scientology may not represent a clear and present danger to the Federal Republic, its ideology is an authoritarian one, as the writings of its founder and its behavior toward critics and members attest. What might at first appear to be an overreaction—a symptom, perhaps, of the Germans’ tendency to take things too seriously, or of their longing for social ordnung—is an approach the United States should seek to emulate.


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Stats 2.

As I said before, either OSA is on top of this or OSA is Google, or the internet is crap!

Russia 90 hits in the last hour.
Japan 39.
United Arab Emirates 34

This has either got a hell of a lot of people thinking, which I doubt, or the internet is run by a load of more RONS. Which is it?


Now tell me how or why would you have 54 people hit my blog in one day, from Colombia? Are you kidding me. 54 people in one day. 33 from Russia in one day? From nowhere! Ten from Thailand? In one day? Previously only one or two, but NO, 54 in one day in Colombia. Either Colombian OSA is working overtime or GOOGLE is OSA. Neither would surprise me.

As I have said before and I reiterate that here, NOTHING surprises me any more as to the extremes that Scientologists will go to, to make themselves right and everyone else wrong.

WOW! What a world of fucking Weirdos Scientology IS!

As I said before PUSH ain't even got started.

Where's the best place to hide something?

That's How They Got Al Capone.

That's how they got Al Capone But Scientology, maybe not.


With Hubbard in the hotel were Ken Urquhart, Jim Dincalci and Paul Preston, a former Green Beret recently appointed as the Commodore's bodyguard. Urquhart said that Hubbard was 'fairly relaxed' and gave them a little briefing on the need to maintain 'safe spaces'.[1] Dincalci disagreed: 'He was very nervous and afraid of what might happen. I could see he was shredding. After two or three hours there was a telephone call from the port Captain. When he put the phone down he said, "This is really serious. I've got to get out of here now".'[2]

Urquhart was sent out to book seats on the first available flight to the United States and collect some cash. It was agreed that Preston would travel with Hubbard and Dincalci would 'shadow' them so that
1. Interview with Urquhart
2. Interview with Dincalci


he could inform the ship immediately if there were any problems. The loyal Urquhart returned with three Lisbon-Chicago tickets on a flight leaving early next morning. Although he had booked them through to Chicago, the flight stopped in New York and he suggested they got off there in case there was a 'welcoming party' waiting at Chicago's O'Hare airport. He also had a briefcase stuffed with banknotes in different currencies - escudos, marks, francs, pounds, dollars and Moroccan dirhams, about $100,000 in total; it was the best he could do, he told Ron.

The flight left next morning after only a short delay, with Dincalci sitting several rows away from Hubbard and Preston. At J.F. Kennedy airport in New York, Dincalci stood behind them in the Customs queue and looked on in horror as a Customs officer told Hubbard to open his briefcase. Having looked inside he promptly invited Hubbard to step into an interview room.

'As they took him away I thought, oh God, that's it, now everyone will know L. Ron Hubbard is back in America,' said Dincalci. 'He came out about fifteen minutes later looking like a zombie. He'd had to give them a lot of information about the money. He got into a taxi outside and I said, "Where are we going?" He said, "I can't think." He was literally in shock. We drove into Manhattan and he pointed to a hotel, it was a Howard Johnson's or something like that, and said, "We'll stay there."'

The three of them checked in using false names: Hubbard was Lawrence Harris, Preston was Don Shannon and Dincalci was Frank Morris. Dincalci then went across the street to a deli and bought lunch. Back in the hotel, he asked the Commodore if he should return to the ship, but Hubbard did not seem to understand the question. Next day, he sent Dincalci out to buy clothes for all of them and to look for a place to live; the question of Dincalci returning to the ship was never mentioned again.


Hubbard: Sure. It was pretty tame back then compared to very sophisticated operations like they have now. When we hid assets, for example --I remember being in Philadelphia when the FBI anc the U.S. Marshall's Office were after my father on a contempt-of-court charge. There I was running across town with my father with our complete mailing list and a suitcase full of money! Heading for the hills!

Penthouse: Where did the money end up?
Hubbard: A lot of it went abroad. But my father always kept a great deal of it around his bedroom so that he could flee at a moment's notice. In shoe boxes. He distrusted banks.

Penthouse: What kind of money are we talking about?

Hubbard: Back then? Hundreds of thousands at least. The last time I saw my father, in 1959, he mentioned that he had at least $20 million salted away.

Penthouse: Did he invest the money?

Hubbard: No. He wanted to stay really liquid. Very fluid, so he could cut and run at any time.

Penthouse: Where did all this money come from? How much did it cost to be audited, in Scientology parlance?

Hubbard: It cost as much as a person had. He had to stay in the organization, getting audited higher and higher, until he paid us as much as he had. People would sell their house, their car, convert their stocks and securities into cash, and turn it all over to Scientology.

Penthouse: What did you promise them for this price?

Hubbard: We promised them the moon and then demonstrated a way to get there. They would sell their soul for that. We were telling someone that they could have the power of a god --that's what we were telling them.


'It wasn't just what I discovered about his past. I didn't care where he was born or what he had done in the war, it didn't mean a thing to me. I wasn't a loyal Scientologist because he had an illustrious war record. What worried me was when I saw things he did and heard statements he made that showed his intentions were different from what they appeared to be. When I was with him messengers often arrived with suitcases full of money, wads of hundred-dollar bills. Yet he had always said and written that he had never received a penny from Scientology. He would ask to see it, the messenger would open the case and he'd gloat over it for a bit before it was put away in a safe in his bedroom. He didn't really spend much, so I guess it was getaway money. I didn't mind the idea of him having money or being rich. I thought he had done tremendous wonders and should be well paid for it. But why did have to lie about it?

'I slowly began to realize that he wasn't acting in the public good or for the benefit of mankind. It might have started out like that, but it was no longer so. One day we were talking about the price of gold, or something like that, and he said to me, very emphatically, that he was obsessed by an insatiable lust for power and money. I'll never forget it. Those were his exact words, "an insatiable lust for power and money".'


Promotion - The Mind Benders:

One defector, Homer Schomer, says that in 1983, he was personally making out checks to Hubbard each week for a million dollars from Scientology funds. In other words, Hubbard was making 52 million dollars a year from Scientology. A dozen different corporations were set up to disguise these payments to Hubbard. According to one ex-member:
The problem was how were we going to get the money for Hubbard? He was not supposed to take the money personally. So separate corporations were set up. This is RRF, Religious Research Foundation. We used to call it Ralph. That was a code name.
Money would be put into Ralph, that would be accounts in Lichtenstein. This is a Liberian Corporation. And he would draw from it. So in other words all of this money actually made its way over to Ralph. It went through these various people and various organizations, and from Ralph, then it went right to Hubbard. (3)
Later, an even simpler means of channeling money to Hubbard was devised, which was for Hubbard to bill Scientology retroactively for his various services and research. For example, the church was billed 85 million dollars by Hubbard for the use of the E-meter, which he claimed to have developed.


Tax Exempt Child Abuse:

Death at Narconon.

McALESTER, Oklahoma - An Oklahoma rehab facility is under fire following the deaths of three patients. In the past 12 months, three people have died while being treated at Narconon Arrowhead near McAlester. The most recent, 20-year-old Stacy Murphy from Owasso, was found dead Thursday morning. "This is a drug addict," Robert Murphy said as he showed a photo of his daughter, Stacy. "It's not the perception you think of a drug addict, and people have to realize, it can be their own child." Robert Murphy is coming to grips with Stacy's death. He said she was a vibrant, bubbly girl with the world at her fingertips -- until she fell in with the wrong crowd. "Stacy grew up in the church, she did the sports," Robert Murphy said. "So sweet and so bubbly, you just don't know what the struggle is that [was] going on inside of her and she was seeking help." Robert Murphy said when Stacy's prescription drug addiction escalated to heroin, she agreed to seek treatment at Narconon Arrowhead, a drug and alcohol rehab facility with treatments inspired by teachings of the Church of Scientology.


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